Solar Energy and its Benefits

Solar Energy and its Benefits

Advantages of solar energyAn increasing cost of electricity compelled several householders to switch to a new way of producing usable energy to their houses. House owners have also made a decision to make use of other alternative solutions mainly because they want to preserve the planet by reducing consumption of fossil fuels. A well-known alternative to fossil fuels that lots of householders are exploring is solar energy. Solar power is not only a renewable and reliable energy source but also clean and non-polluting.

It’s popularity amongst home owners continues to increase year-and-year. In 2016 there was about One million residential solar installations in america and there’s a belief that this will double to two million by the end of 2018. Solar installations are very common in states like New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and California. On a National Ranking for solar, the ‘sunshine state’ California is ranked first. Nonetheless, states that we normally wouldn’t think of for solar like New Jersey isn’t far behind with a National Ranking of 5th and over 340,000 homes powered by solar. The state of Massachusetts is ranked 6th since it has over 312,000 solar-dependent homes. Connecticut may be ranked 18th, but a growing number of homeowners in the state are starting to have the use of solar. This can be seen in the fact that investments from 2015 improved a drastic 124% from 2014. One can also find the state in the top ten national rankings for energy efficiency programs and policies.

Solar energy is quite advantageous, which is why increasing numbers of people are utilizing it instead of other very common sources. There is a full list of its benefits here on the site of Cleaner NRG. To start with, home owners can save a lot from making use of solar energy. A house owner that either lease, purchase or finance a solar panel system can cut or even get rid of their monthly power bills. In addition to that, owning a solar panel system will leave you not affected by booming electricity costs. When a home is run by solar energy, its value gets greater. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory stated that an amount of $20 is added to the total value of your house for each 1 dollar in energy cost savings caused by your solar installation. The total increase will depend on specific factors like home location and also the installation size. Since a solar panel system would be placed over your roof, you can consider the system as your roof protection. Your shingles will be underneath the solar panels, and once the system is in place, the shingles would be protected against extreme weathers. The full article can be found here.

Home owners who are searching for the best solar choice ought to get a firm which will help them find the best provider when it comes to product, warranty, installation and savings. Each homeowner’s final choice must be anchored on each of these aspects. A solar marketplace like Cleaner NRG will pair house owners with the most advantageous choice for there house.

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